Two Ten Footwear Foundation – Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Two Ten Footwear Foundation – Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief


Two Ten offers support to footwear employees (and their families) now in a state of crisis in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
We provide emergency financial assistance to footwear employees and their families that have been affected by the storm, in addition to information, referral services and counseling.
Anyone working in the footwear industry is encouraged to contact Two Ten for help at: 800-346-3210 or or apply for assistance online.


Don’t need help but want to help your footwear colleagues?

We encourage you to donate to our Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief fund — 100% of the proceeds will go to help footwear families affected by this catastrophic storm.  Every dollar helps, thank you so much for your compassion!


About Two Ten Footwear Foundation 
Founded in 1939, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is the national charitable foundation of the footwear industry. We bring shoepeople together in times of crisis to support each other and to build a sense of community that ensures a bright future for our industry’s workforce. We provide emergency financial assistance, scholarships, counseling services and community building programs that changes the lives of thousands of shoepeople in the United States every year. For more information, please visit
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