Ugg Launches First Global Brand Campaign

Ugg Launches First Global Brand Campaign

Ugg Australia launched its first global brand marketing campaign called “THIS IS UGG.” The campaign debuts on Aug. 18 around the world.

The campaign is designed to connect with consumers on emotional levels that transcend any product, with the goal of further strengthening Ugg as a global, premium lifestyle brand, year round. The campaign explores the theme that life’s biggest moments are actually the small ones – a place where the brand lives in consumers’ lives. Whether personal or intimate, reflective or celebratory, it’s often the smaller moments where life’s most important interactions and connections occur. The campaign will use this storytelling platform to showcase such moments and illustrate the fact that Ugg ‘Feels Like Nothing Else.’

“In launching this brand campaign, we challenged ourselves to communicate the unique physical and emotional experience that occurs when you own Ugg products.” said Connie Rishwain, President of Ugg Australia, “We are showcasing the personal moments where Ugg exists in our consumers’ lives. We know how our product enhances any experience, but this is the first time we’ve tried to capture that magic.”

“THIS IS Ugg” is a multi-media, cross-channel campaign presented primarily in black-and-white that features real moments with real people captured in personal settings that celebrate the small moments that mean the most to them.  For example, sketch-artist Langley Fox, Ernest Hemingway’s great–great–granddaughter, is featured in her own Los Angeles home working on an illustration project, and later spending time with her best friends; Tom Brady, who typically appears in Ugg campaigns crafted specifically for him, will be integrated into “THIS IS Ugg,” in moments together with his mother and father; and California architect Harry Gesner with his son and grandsons who share a lifelong love of the ocean, surf the Malibu coast in a nod to Ugg’s surfing roots.

“The stories with Langley, Tom and Harry and his family are both personal and authentic,” said Vice President of Marketing Nancy Mamann.  “Because each of our moments highlights real people, we’re able to dive deeply into who they are and what moment they’re experiencing–whether it’s on our blog, on our website, even our social channels–and bring to life the environment in which people from all walks of life, doing very different things in their private lives, live with Ugg.”