Ugg Readies The Biggest Launch In Brand’s 38-Year History

Ugg Readies The Biggest Launch In Brand’s 38-Year History

When it’s time to reimagine a nearly four-decade-old boot with a cultlike following, there’s only one place to start: with the consumers who made it successful.

Dave Powers, president and CEO of Ugg parent company Deckers Brands, said the label’s loyal customer base was the impetus for the biggest launch in Ugg’s 38-year history — the Classic II.

“Consumer insights drove this relaunch,” Powers said. “Knowing that it was time to evolve the brand a little more, I worked with the teams and said, ‘How can we take some of the innovations that we’ve developed with some of our other brands and apply those [lessons] to the Classic?’

“We decided to make the move now,” he added. “We transitioned out of the existing Classic, updated it and put innovation and better functional details into it to please the consumer and better connect with them.”

The new product launches on July 15 in Ugg stores and online. The CEO, who announced the initiative at the FFANY show last December, told analysts that the company planned to make an aggressive push to remove all remaining Classic Ugg boots from U.S. wholesale after the 2015 winter season, replacing them with the revamped collection.

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