Vans Appoints Global Brand President

Vans Appoints Global Brand President

Vans appointed Doug Palladini to the position of global brand president, effective immediately.

A long-time leader within the brand, Palladini will lead and manage the strategic direction of Vans globally, while enabling the regional teams to develop and deliver local strategies to drive continued worldwide growth. Palladini will also oversee global marketing and product and will maintain direct responsibility for sales in the Americas.

“Over the course of his 12-year tenure, Doug has made significant contributions to Vans’ brand identity and business growth,” said VF Corporation’s Action Sports President Kevin Bailey, who has held the position of Vans president since 2009. “His remarkable leadership and deep connection to Vans’ heritage will serve him well as he shapes the future of the brand for our employees and consumers around the world.”

Palladini joined Vans in 2004, spending nine years leading the Vans Global Marketing function, and has served as vice president, general manager for the Vans North America region since 2013. His work in marketing transformed Vans into a youth culture icon, activating projects within the brand’s cultural pillars of action sports, art, music and street culture.

As the Vans North America leader, Palladini carved out local strategies for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, accelerating the region’s growth, which has propelled the brand to $2.2 billion in sales.Prior to joining Vans, he held posts at Cynic Youth + Alternative Marketing, Swell, Inc., EMAP Peterson Action Sports Group and Snowboarder Magazine.

“Vans immediately became a part of my life when I moved to California at age six and bought my first skateboard. After college, working at action sports magazines, I got to know incredible Vans athletes such as Geoff Rowley and Jamie Lynn and the company itself, which led to a very personal connection with the brand early in my career,” shared Palladini. “Now, in my thirteenth year as a Vans employee, to be in a position to lead this brand is a tremendous honor. I have learned that Vans has a truly remarkable ability to connect with people in a sincere and meaningful way, and I am humbled by the responsibility I have been given to harness and expand that energy.”

A veteran of the action sports industry with almost 30 years of leadership, Palladini will continue to focus on Vans’ rich consumer connectivity as the brand looks to set the foundation for the next 50 years of “Off The Wall” experiences.