Vibram Relaunches Boston Newbury Street Store

Vibram Relaunches Boston Newbury Street Store

Vibram has updated its flagship Boston Newbury Street Store. The retail shop has been refreshed with a brand experience that celebrates 70 years of soling heritage and showcases the latest products for today’s footwear consumer.

Located at 292 Newbury Street, Boston, MA, the Vibram Newbury Street Store will provide an interactive, educational consumer experience that only Vibram can offer. A new Vibram gallery displays over 150 pairs of iconic footwear products that spans several decades. The store continues to serve as the retail outlet for Vibram FiveFingers and select soling partners, but a new addition of the “Sole Factor” program allows consumers to customize their shoes with a variety of Vibram soles.

“When we re-designed the Vibram Newbury Street Store we wanted consumers to immediately understand the heritage and innovation our brand represents,” said Allon Cohne, CMO, Vibram.  “We’re one of the largest footwear brands that many consumers haven’t developed a relationship with yet. We’ve soled, and sold more shoes than many of the largest footwear brands in the world. Now there is one place where consumers can get a glimpse of the past, present and with our partners, help design the future.”

The Vibram Newbury Street Store celebrated its grand re-launch with an inspirational speech by football legend Brian “The Boz” Bosworth to industry executives and local Boston business leaders on April 10, 2015. Bosworth attributes his ability to continue his aggressive fitness and training regimen to the Vibram FiveFingers product.

The store’s new interactive features include:

·        Iconic Soling Gallery – Vibram soles have been the foundation of hundreds achievements starting with the original Carrarmato sole that founder Vitale Bramani developed in 1937 that changed mountaineering footwear for ever, to active US Military, police and firefighter protection to La Sportiva’s rock climbing shoe that helped Tommy Caldwell accomplish the famed “Dawn Wall” climb in Yosemite National Park earlier this year.

·        Sole Factor – Any consumer who chooses a Vibram soled shoe is a making a statement of quality, craftsmanship and unique style.  Vibram’s Newbury Street Store will make it easier than ever before to customize any pair of shoes with a unique Vibram sole through the brand’s new “Sole Factor” initiative.  Vibram’s Sole Factor station will allow consumers to choose from dozens of Vibram sole designs and colors to be returned to their home address with a new custom Vibram sole.

·        Vibram Design Center – Vibram works with footwear designers from all over the world to develop the next iconic shoe. The designer studio at the Vibram Newbury Street Store allows designers a place to reflect upon a gallery of iconic footwear, gain inspiration, then have a place to pull out a laptop or sketch book and design.

·        Vibram Consumer Retail Center – The redesigned Vibram Newbury Street Store features the full-line of Vibram FiveFingers with professional fitting by a team of active lifestyle footwear experts that will ensure consumers receive the perfect model and fit for their needs.  Additionally, Vibram Disc Golf and Pet products will be available for purchase, as well as select models from soling partners Ahnu, Moccatomic, Custom Quoddy and Scarpa.

Additional Vibram Newbury Street Store elements include a coffee bar and lounge meeting area for active lifestyle enthusiasts and customers.

The Vibram Newbury Street Store is the only current Vibram-specific U.S. retail location.