Vibram to Launch After-market Sole Venture at OR

Vibram to Launch After-market Sole Venture at OR

Vibram will launch an initiative that seeks to sell outsoles as an after-market upgrade to existing shoes at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) next week.

“Vibram Sole Factor presents the shoe outsole as an end product in and of itself, and provides an opportunity for consumers to upgrade their footwear for better durability and performance,” said Allon Cohne, chief marketing officer for Vibram USA. “Whether visiting your local cobbler or participating in our Sole Factor program, upgrading your favorite pair of footwear is fun, easy, affordable and sustainable.”

The Vibram Sole Factor van will set up shop outside the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City during ORSM, promoting outsole customization and offering free upgrades on a first-come, first-served basis. The program will then roll out across the country, enlisting expert cobblers through Vibram’s network of shoe repair product distributors.

Upgrading soles through Vibram Sole Factor is simple. Choose a sole online or from the Sole Factor catalog, then take advantage of free shipping to send in the footwear, and your shoes will be returned to you in two to four weeks.

“This program celebrates the art and craftsmanship of the cobbler, and Dave Page Cobbler is excited to partner with Vibram USA on the Sole Factor initiative,” said Dave Page, owner of Dave Page Cobbler in Seattle, WA. “Now you can keep wearing your favorite shoes longer instead of replacing them—a win for consumers and the environment.”

Vibram will also market new soles for its OEM customers at the show as well as three new styles of Vibram FiveFingers, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Lastly, it will debut new discs as a part of its rapidly growing disc golf category, and Rowdy Rubber Dog Toys, which use the same tough and durable Vibram rubber used to climb mountains all over the world.