Vietnam and Thailand’s footwear industries increase cooperation

Vietnam and Thailand’s footwear industries increase cooperation

Ho Chi Minh City hosted a June 6 trade exchange between representatives and businesses of the Vietnamese and Thai footwear industries.

Thai Office of Commercial Affairs Director PanjitPisawong noted 30 of the participating Thai entrepreneurs are footwear, bags, and fashion companies eager for Vietnamese partners.

Vietnam Leather and Footwear Association (Lefaso) Deputy Chairman Diep Thanh Kiet said Thai producers proactively seek out importers and exporters, building comprehensive international supply chains for their products.

Vietnamese businesses should learn from the valuable experience of their Thai associates to improve the dynamism of their own market expansion efforts rather than simply relying on exports.

Thailand is one of the Vietnamese footwear sector’s material suppliers capable of meeting strict European Union and Japanese product quality demands.

Experts praised the ever increasing percentage of local products used to manufacture Vietnamese footwear, predicting the trend will help hone competitiveness on global markets.

They also warned against complacency in regards to the domestic market. The ongoing international integration process could open up their home turf to more challenges from international rivals.