What ‘Pokemon Go’ Could Mean For Footwear Retailers

What ‘Pokemon Go’ Could Mean For Footwear Retailers

If you gotta catch ’em all, you might as well catch a pair of shoes, too. At least, that’s what retailers could see in the future.

For nearly two weeks, “Pokemon Go” has been the No. 1 most-downloaded iTunes app — sending users on an augmented-reality scavenger hunt to “catch” digital monsters.

The mobile phone-based game is moving bodies — and their wallets — en masse inside retail stores and plazas, as well as other popular locations.

For retailers, the cultural phenomenon could be an opportunity to attract a new type of customer.

“Generally there will be more consumer foot traffic at their stores especially from people that are tech savvy and attached to their phones,” mobile app expert Jordan Edelson explained to Footwear News.

Edelson is the founder and CEO of Appetizer Mobile, one of the leading mobile application development agencies in New York City.


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