Introduces Goods For Good Platform Introduces Goods For Good Platform announced Goods for Good, a new purpose-driven customer experience that makes it easier and more convenient than ever to shop over 150 eco and socially conscious brands.

It can be exhausting navigating the wide world of products in search of those dedicated to charitable initiatives, sustainability, and vegan lifestyles, according to Zappos. With the launch of Goods for Good, Zappos offers customers a curated shopping experience highlighting featured brands’ individual stories and purpose, while making it easy to shop for quality brands that give back to communities or promote sustainable practices easy to shop.

Featured products in the Goods for Good experience fall into the following categories:

  • Vegan products are constructed with no animal parts, nor do they possess components synthesized from animal parts, such as glue.
  • Give Back products have some community impact, including brands that make donations based on product sales or spearhead community activism.
  • Sustainably certified products have been qualified by an industry-certifying organization with at least one industry standard for environmental or socioeconomic impact.
  • Organic products composed of organic cotton and other materials with a lower environmental impact.
  • Recycled materials composed of all or parts of materials from recycled goods, such as water bottles.

“We know for our customers every purchase matters and they’re passionate about investing in products that contribute to a greater good,” said Steven Bautista, Head of Charitable Giving, Zappos. “We want to ensure the best service and shopping experience possible, so we’ve made it fast and easy for them to view all relevant products at once and learn about each brand’s purpose.”

In September, Nordstrom launched a Sustainable Style site featuring brands sorted based on whether they are sustainably sourced, responsibly manufactured or give back through charities. Zappos’ site embraces more elements of a larger purpose-driven theme.

Studies continue to find consumers, particularly members of Gen-Z and millennials, are seeking out brands for sustainable and ethical reasons:

The Goods for Good website can be found here: