Thank you for allowing me to present at the SLEM summit.  I hope you found FDRA’s insights interesting and helpful as it was developed from members of its innovation group who are senior executives at major brands.  Please find my presentation below with a video of total footwear development – a must watch – and in-depth info on china wages.  If you want to use any portion of this presentation for public usage, please just email me and ask.


If you have any questions on my presentation, our data or on how FDRA could support you and your company, please email me!


Andy Polk’s Presentation at SLEM (minus video) Please copy & paste link into address bar/url bar


Adidas CEO: Making Shoes in the US is “illogical and highly unlikely”


Video of Total Footwear Development (Must watch – couldn’t play at the summit):


Learn more about china’s wages here:


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