FDRA Membership Insight

5 Ways FDRA Drives Value to Your Bottom Line

Thank for for considering membership with FDRA.  FDRA is the footwear industry’s trade and business association. We support our members throughout their entire business from making shoes (design, development, and production) to importing shoes (customs rulings, classifications, and lowering duty costs) to selling shoes (retail data and analysis, and consumer trends). That is why over 80% of the entire footwear industry are members from fashion to athletic, flip flops to slippers – both small companies and global corporations, including the majority of domestic manufacturers, importers, brands, and retailers. You can click here to see our full member list.  


Our job is to make your job easier. Here’s 5 ways we do that for our member’s everyday:

1. Business Information and Intelligence: Each week we send out updates and newsletters that give you important data, analysis and insights on issues and trends. Our major newsletters include the Footwear Week-in-Review (covering industry news each week), FDRA Customs Report (new footwear customs rulings, forms, and updates), Sourcing and Compliance Bulletin (Examples: import data by segment, footwear material prices, sourcing trends), IP Digest (new footwear designs and patents), and Footwear Retail Recap (Examples: shoe store sales data & total US sales data, Canadian shoe sales, footwear prices, and employment updates). We design our newsletters to take less than 5 minutes to read to stay up-to-date on issues as well as specific reports if you want a deeper dive on a specific issue. Members also have free access to FDRA’s in-depth footwear resource centers containing key files and tools, including footwearcustoms.com FDRA’s Digital Product Safety Website, and the Footwear Sourcing and Compliance portal.

2. Consultations: We are something like specialized footwear consultants, but free as part of membership – just consider Team FDRA part of your team. Our members call or email us for help with questions from customs classifications to product safety to factory compliance to import or labeling questions to retail data and trends and everything in between – we are here for you. Our goal is to get you answers you need to make key business decisions within the same business day. That is why our tag line is “Intelligence to Act.” If you don’t know where to turn, call us at 202-737-5660 or email us at apolk@fdra.org or mpriest@fdra.org – WE CAN HELP! We also make visits to our member’s offices, if needed, to do deep dives on issues and challenges.

3. Information Exchange: Discuss Challenges and Solutions with Industry Peers. Join an FDRA working group (Customs & Trade, Sourcing and Compliance, Innovation, Product Safety, or Government Relations) – we hold quarterly calls and host meetings where we provide critical updates to your work, and allow industry professionals to discuss their challenges and hear solutions from their peers. Each call and meeting gives great insights and best practices. You are welcome to join any working group calls or meetings you like, just register when we alert you of upcoming calls and events via email.  We also encourage you to subscribe and listen each week to the footwear industry’s podcast Shoe-In Show – we interview industry leaders on hot topics to help spread best practices and insights across the industry.

4. Networking and Training:  FDRA holds over 30 events worldwide each year from webinars to workshops and summits to seminars on a range of footwear topics and issues. Our events focus on deep-dives into challenges and feature industry leaders and experts so you get actionable takeaways. We also build in networking time so you can connect with peers across the industry. Examples of events: FTDC, Footwear Executive Summit, Footwear Sourcing Summit.

5. Fighting to Eliminate Footwear Duties: FDRA is the footwear industry’s voice in Washington, DC.  We work to educate US officials and Congress on how regulations and tax policy impact our industry and our consumers. Everyday we fight unfair burdens that hinder growth and innovation.  We are also the industry’s leading policy development and advocate for the full elimination of footwear tariffs and global barriers – we push a variety of different bills and initiatives to help our members lower their duty bills.  We also provide key information on upcoming changes to regulations impacting our members – providing advice on how to adapt – here is an example: http://conta.cc/2iiWVNY.

If you have questions about FDRA membership benefits
and annual dues, please contact Andy Polk