Congressional Sneaker Caucus

What’s the Congressional Sneaker Caucus?

It’s a bipartisan movement that’s bringing Members of Congress from both parties together… over a love of shoes!

The first ever Sneaker Day was held on Capitol Hill on June 21, 2023. A huge success, it was a refreshing moment of fun in an era of political movement where over 75 people, both House and Senate members and congressional staff, got together to show off their shoes, have conversations, and celebrate the impact of sneakers on culture. Representatives Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) and Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR), who together launched the Congressional Sneaker Caucus in April 2023, shared their personal collections and even handed out awards for the “best sneakers”.


Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR), FDRA’s Matt Priest, and Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) at the first ever Sneaker Day on Capitol Hill, June 21, 2023.

The Sneaker Caucus:

  • Is not focused on legislative issues, but serves as a tool to strengthen ties in a fun way with Members of Congress and policymakers across the political spectrum.
  • Provides a key opportunity for FDRA to talk to Members of Congress about our industry and its contribution to health, fitness, art, entertainment, and culture.
  • Wants to help provide sneakers to children in need. FDRA and Soles4Souls has partnered on an exciting new initiative called Soles4theDistrict supporting students experiencing homelessness in DC.

Don’t miss out on this amazing footwear movement!

FDRA is working hard to add Members of Congress to the new Caucus. Please take 30 seconds to ask your Member of Congress to sign up for the Caucus using the button below.

Sneaker revolution hits Congress as lawmakers defy tradition, July 2023 (watch)