Section 301 Investigation: Potential New Tariffs on Footwear

What are the potential new footwear tariffs?

The Trump Administration is considering applying additional tariffs on a variety of products from China, including footwear, in response to the results of an ongoing investigation into perceived Chinese intellectual property theft — known as the Section 301 Investigation. There have been a number of published reports that have listed U.S. footwear imports as a potential product being targeted by the Administration. This could mean an additional tariffs for Chinese-made footwear on top of the already-high tariffs applied to all footwear crossing U.S. borders. FDRA is actively engaging with a number of policymakers in the Administration and on Capitol Hill to try and reverse this harmful new action.  The Administration has until August 2018 to conclude the Section 301 Investigation, but the President could make an announcement as soon as this week on the results of the investigation and his response. 

FDRA is working to push back on any new footwear tariff proposals

Below you will find some basic resources on the proposal, as well as important action items for you to take. FDRA is setting up regular update calls on this issue to keep the entire industry informed as to what is happening. FDRA members will continue to get more timely updates and deeper insights through its alerts and Footwear & Politics newsletter. If you work for an FDRA member company but are not on these newsletters, please let us know!  Non-FDRA members should consider joining FDRA to get insights and updates and join in support of over 80% of the industry pushing back against this backwards proposal. Contact FDRA to learn more about how we can support your business as well as advocate for you in Washington and around the globe!