ALERT: Learn More About New Section 301 Tariffs

USTR recently announced plan to add 25 percent tariffs certain Chinese-made goods based on Section 301 investigations into China’s IP issues.  Footwear was not included, but the President has just said he will add an additional $100b in tariffs on goods. We do not know if this means footwear will eventually be added or not, but FDRA will serve as the voice of the industry, continuing to stress that increasing cost on shoes makes no sense for footwear consumers and companies.

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Shoe Retail Update: Total Shoe Sales up 3%, but Shoe Stores Drop Again

FDRA issues a number of shoe retail reports each month to its members, including on national shoe store sales and footwear prices. The most current data shows shoe store sales sunk for 10 straight moths ending in February (the most recent government data). Meanwhile, total shoe sales across the U.S. were up over 3% – indicating online sales and some channels like big box stores continue to grow.  Shoe prices were down in February, a troubling sign for retailers. Take a look at our latest Shoeconomy Update where we discuss these trends and issues impacting the economics of the shoe industry. If you have questions, please let us know.


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