FDRA Creates Customs Resource Center for Footwear Industry

FDRA Creates Customs Resource Center for Footwear Industry

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) announced Monday the launch of a new customs resource center tailored for the footwear industry. The center will help footwear companies and customs professionals glean a better understanding of the challenging footwear customs classifications.

Access the center here: http://fdra.org/key-issues-and-advocacy/footwear-customs/

FDRA president Matt Priest said, “As the footwear industry continues to innovate, footwear classification is becoming more and more complex. FDRA is constantly pushing to end duties on footwear, but until that day happens it is focused on helping brands understand and adapt to the current rules.” He added, “That is why this center is such a great help to the industry; rather than having to scour countless resources, professionals can simply go to this site to get what they need—saving companies time and money.”

The new center covers the latest classification rulings by Customs Borders and Protection (CBP), footwear classification forms and code by country, key classification definitions, labeling and markings information, as well as information on issues like foxing. Updates and news will be posted to the site as issues arise and rulings are announced by CBP.

The center is already being praised by footwear execs. Quinn O’Rourke, LaCrosse Footwear Incorporated director of compliance and logistics, said, “Understanding footwear customs issues are vital to every company’s bottom line, an incorrect classification could cost you thousands to even millions of dollars. That’s exactly why we are FDRA members, and why I’m excited about this resource center. Now I can go to one place to get information on my footwear customs questions.”